About Neat

NEAT’s mission is to lead all the new designs of high-availability, redundant, safety-related embedded computers in Italy and to be increasingly competitive worldwide.

NEAT’s strengths are the technological know-how, the quality of the development process and the ownership of some precious development tools, as well as other Intellectual Properties that are building blocks for successful projects. Neat is currently delivering avionic systems, railway signalling systems and industrial control systems.

NEAT Srl was founded by Dr. Simone Cabasino, Dr. Mario Torelli and Dr.ssa Anna Syrnikova. Simone Cabasino and Mario Torelli together with some great Italian scientists (i.e. Nicola Cabibbo and Giorgio Parisi) created one of the most powerful Parallel Supercomputers in the world. Simone Cabasino and Mario Torelli’s experience in the design of high performances HW/SW architecture is the foundation on which NEAT’s success in the realization of extremely safe, reliable and powerful computers as well as related programs is based.