This page contains the commercial offering by Neat S.r.l. on top of its opensource Kmc Subset137 Library.
The offering is currently three-fold:
– a turn-key KeyIT solution to deploy your own full KMC solution, from key creation to target entity online installation
– a Consultancy Service to enhance your legacy system to comply with Unisig Subset 137 requisites
– the Documentation Kit for the certification of the library as a SIL0 module according to the CEI 50128:2011 norm.


1. KeyIT

A full-blown easy to use software environment for the creation/management/deployment of KMAC keys.
In can be integrated with your own DB solution (i.e. LDAP, Mysql, Oracle, PostgreSQL, sqlite, etc.).

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2. Consultancy Services

Consultancy services for the integration of the Kmc-Subset137 within your existing infrastructure.
Integration can be pursued on:
– track-side equipment (i.e. RBC, …)
– on-board (i.e. train)
– Your DB infrastructure for KMAC management/deployment

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3. Documentation Kit

Full Documentation Kit for product certification purposes as a SIL0 module (according to CEI 50128:2011 classification).
The kit is composed of:
– System Description
– Software Requirement Specification
– Software Architecture Specification
– Software Detailed Design
– Software Requirement Test Specification
– Hardware/Software Integration Test Specification
– System Requirement Test Specification

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